The Auxiliary Senior Membership Change Form

The paper version of the Senior Membership Change Form that is filled out by Service Chairmen has been computerized into a fill-out web form to make it easier and quicker to report changes.   When it is filled out and submitted, a summary of the changes are e-mailed to the appropriate Director of Senior Membership for processing and a copy to the Chairman who filled it out.

To use the form, the Auxilian must be a Service Chairman or one who has been designated to act on behalf of the Chairman.   An account with a username and a password must be set up to use the form.   To determine how to set up an account, send an email to Phil Henderson at   Include your name and phone number and instructions will be sent to you with instructions to set up an account.   If you are acting on behalf of a Chairman, include the Chairman's name and Service.   Once you have the account, Click on the link below to go to the login screen and subsequently to the Web Form.

NOTE: The Change Form format that you will see has been revised.

Member Change Form

Note that a new browser tab or browser window will open with the login screen.