Senior Auxiliary Membership Application


We are very pleased that you are considering becoming a volunteer in the El Camino Hospital Auxiliary.   You will be joining a group of dedicated volunteers whose interests for more than 50 years have been the well-being of the patients, their families and friends, El Camino Hospital campuses and the community.

Below is a link to an on-line form that you can fill out and submit.   The information will go directly to the Auxiliary Member database.   As an alternate you may complete the attached application form (which is an Acrobat file) and return it to the Mountain View Office.   Or, if you prefer, FAX the application to (650) 966-9213.   After we receive your application, you will receive a call from a Placement Counselor to arrange for an interview.

We ask for a commitment of at least 6 months with an average monthly service of 12 hours.   When you join the Auxiliary, there are initial dues of $20.00 (prorated based on your joining date) which are to be paid before service begins. Afterwards, annual dues of $20 are to be paid by the first of July.

Most of our volunteers wear uniforms at all times when serving.   Our uniform enables a patient or visitor to identify, at a glance, a volunteer who can provide help.  The distinctive uniform tops may be purchased, at cost, in the Auxiliary Office after you have completed all preliminary requirements and are ready to begin service.   The interviewer will provide specific information on costs and where and when the uniforms may be purchased.

All volunteers are required to have a background check for criminal activity before beginning their service.   The costs of the background check will be borne by the hospital.   At the time of the interview, you will be asked about you immunizations and will be given instructions about how to proceed with the required clearances.

If you have any questions, please call the Mountain View Auxiliary Office at 650-940-7214.   You may want to print this page and retain it for future reference.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering.   We look forward to meeting you.


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On-Line Senior Volunteer Application Form


Acrobat Volunteer Application Form

This is an Acrobat form that allows you to fill it out on line.
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